Bokrijk chose Tim Van Steenbergen as a craft curator to elaborate the BKRK access to the craft of textiles. His personality and unique métier contribute to the exhibition having extended museum access, and to the collaborators clothing.

He unites the historical and contemporary stories of textiles. #DOYOUREMEMBER? offers a glimpse into the inspiration from the past that Tim used for the Bokrijk Collection, and trigger to encourage visitors to take a moment for insight and inspiration for the future.

Visit the expo “DO YOU REMEMBER?” until 22 October.


Campaign photography | Serge Leblon
Expo photography | Luc Daeleman
Collection | Tim Van Steenbergen for Bokrijk

Styling | Deborah Bloemen
Creative Direction | Uber and Kosher
Hair en Make up | Laura Noben
Production | Initials LA

Models | Ulla models
Annely Bouma – Johannes Spaas – Matilde Timmerman

Historical photography | Felixarchief – Kempens Karakter – CAG

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